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Hydrogen Peroxide (50%) - South Korea

Hydrogen Peroxide (50%) - South Korea in Tradeasia


Hydrogen peroxide

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Basic Info


Colourless Liquid

Common Names

Catalase Test, Oxydol, Perhydrol, Superoxol, Inter


30 kg Jerry Can

Brief Overview

Introducing our Hydrogen Peroxide 50%—a potent solution for versatile applications. With a concentrated formulation, it excels in cleaning, disinfection, and industrial processes. Its strong oxidizing properties effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses, making it ideal for various uses. Handle with care, follow dilution guidelines, and trust in the reliability of our high-quality product for thorough and efficient disinfection.

Manufacturing Process

There are two main methods to produce H2Oas described below:

Method 1: Auto-oxidation of ethyl anthraquinones in a solvent such as toluene or ethylbenzene. The product ethyl anthraquinone is reduced by hydrogen over supported nickel or platinum catalyst to regenerate back the starting material, ethyl anthraquinone for continuous production of H2O2.

Method 2: Electrolytic conversion of aqueous sulfuric acid to peroxydisulfate followed by hydrolysis to H2O2. This is also known as the Weissenstein process.

Disinfection and Sterilization:
- Widely employed as a disinfectant for surfaces, equipment, and medical instruments.
- Used in healthcare settings to sterilize and sanitize surfaces, promoting aseptic conditions.

Water Treatment:
- Applied for water purification in industrial settings to eliminate bacteria and contaminants.
- Used in wastewater treatment processes to control microbial growth and improve water quality.

Cleaning and Household Use:
- Formulated into household cleaners to disinfect surfaces, including kitchen and bathroom areas.
- Employed for mold and mildew removal due to its antimicrobial properties.

Textile Industry:
- Utilized as a bleach in the textile industry to whiten and disinfect fabrics.
- A key component in the production of certain dyes and chemicals used in textile processes.

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